Keep your fire protection system in service and up to code with regular inspections and testing.

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Michigan Fire Systems Inspections & Testing

Pipe InspectionWhen properly installed and maintained, automatic fire sprinkler systems have proven to be the most effective means for protecting life and property against fire. In recognition of their excellent track record in controlling the spread of fire, both state codes and national standards offer fire sprinklers as a cost-effective method to meet many of their base code requirements.

Depending on the configuration and components implemented in your fire suppression system, several possible tests and inspections can be required in order to comply with state and federal regulation and to keep your system operational over time. Click the links below to explore some of the tests and inspections that we perform.

Our Michigan Fire Systems Inspections and Tests:

One reason we perform these inspections is because of code violations that appear when a building is transferred, sold, or recommissioned. Fire Protection system codes are in place for your protection, and for the protection of the people that occupy the facility. To ensure that there are no code violations and keep everyone safe, have us perform your fire protection system inspection.

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